Beard to head hair transplant
September 26, 2016
September 30, 2016
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Six month post FUE

After hair transplant patients eagerly wait for the new hairs to grow up. Before the hair appears on the scalp it follows a complete cycle under the skin. Growth of transplanted hairs is not different from a tiny plant which grows after the seed is sown in the soil.

Soon after the transplant first month is very sensitive and critical. Patient may observe redness and swelling on the forehead and back side of the head (recipient and the donor area). A small pointed needle is inserted in the skin for follicles harvesting which causes the redness and swelling on the skin so this is nothing to worry about. Normally the swelling and redness lasts for 2 to 3 weeks but it may vary in different cases. In the first month after the transplant crusts on the scalp are much likely to be observed on the areas where follicles were inserted, that is the dry and dead skin which will fell off soon.  By the end of the first month new hairs start to grow which later shed off. This is totally natural and normal as shedding off of hairs is the part of the hair growth cycle.

Till fourth month after the transplant new hairs appears again after the shedding off.  These hairs will be thin, rough or may be curled. This batch of hairs is the actual native hairs coming out. With the passage of time these hairs will become thick, strong and healthy. The growth and nourishment of hairs also depends up on the person as the growth rate and speed varies in different people. Many surgeons provide the patients with a booklet covering the complete details of a hair re-growth cycle which helps a patient a lot in viewing their desired results and comparing them with the actual results they are getting.

Not taking too long let’s come to our main point.  By the end of fifth month and in the sixth month a patient will get the results they desired from the hair transplant. New, healthy and thick hairs are emerging from the scalp. The transplanted follicles are grown in to about 3 inch hairs. Till the month six after the surgery transplanted hairs get thicker and they can be groomed now. Their color and texture also improves giving the person a complimentary look. By this period recipient area of scalp is fully covered with hairs. Scars, wounds, swelling or redness everything will be healed by the sixth month. Both the recipient and donor area will be healthy and rich by now. Also it have been stated by the dermatologists that the harvested hairs are healthy enough by the sixth month for styling and cuts but they advise to avoid unnecessary use of chemical sprays, shampoos, conditioners and hair gels. It is recommended that a person who undergoes hair transplant surgery must take high protein diet along with Vitamins.

By the sixth month and afterwards hairs will grow and re-grow. About 80% of the growth completes after eight to 12 months.

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