Scar Correction

Hair Transplant Scar Correction-Repair

Scar correction or repair is a major challenge for hair restoration surgeons all over the world. Strip transplantation leaves a scar and possible ways to hide this scar is to grow long  hair or scar revision. The most recent and proven is Follicles transplantation into the scar area by Fue method.Out of date hair transplantation techniques leave the scar because in traditional techniques skin from the back of the head is removed and as a result, scar formation. This remaining scar widens with the time. So what if your transplant goes wrong? Or your scar widens?

The correction of old scar is a difficult process. It depends on the factors like:

Donor Area Scar after Strip surgery

Small size scar by FUT (strip) procedure

  • How severe the wound is
  • History of the patient and scar
  • Length and width of wound

Some people hide the scars with the help of long hair.

Hair Transplant Scar Formation Causes

“Follicular Unit Extraction Scarring”

“FUE Method Scarring” is when the patient has small round circles left in the back of the head due to old punch graft method. This technique demolishes 30 to 50% of the accessible donor region too.

Staple closing:

Staple closure also damages the skin because in this method, surgeons use the old method of “staples” to close the donor wound. This process is very painful, harmful and cause wounds.

Hair transplant Scar correction

Bad scar due to strip hair surgery

Keloid Scarring:

“Keloid Scarring” is when the patient’s skin is hereditary prone to the wound containing a raised result after healing. Often, skin from upper and lower sides, doesn’t come back together and tension the wound closure.

Hair Transplant Scar Correction -concealing in Pakistan

There are few ways to transplant hair scar. The most effective one is tricophytic closure.

Scar Revision:

Some doctors suggest doing “scar revision” to condense the widening.  A scar revision is basically done to remove the excess wound tissue. Camouflage method is used to recover the appearance of a badly performed transplant and small follicular unit grafts create a more natural appearance. However, this technique is not really effective and the scar will still be there and it may once again widen with the time.  Furthermore, the removing grafts may cause additional scarring and damage too.If the grafts are huge and large, placing additional one would create problems and bring the hairline downward.

FUE Grafts:

The other solution is to place FUE grafts into the strip wounds. This breaks up scar appearance and is more effective.

Carpet Tacking Punch Excision Removing:

To shrink the unnatural mass of the old plugs a technique called “Carpet Tacking Punch Excision” is used.  The process leaves a rounded  part of hair behind.

The advantages of this technique are:

  • Conserves some of the hair in the original implant.
  • Removed hair can be re-used
  • Gives instant results

Scalp Reduction

Scalp Reduction is an old method to restore hair transplant, where the doctor simply cut out the hairless region. This results in a stretched scalp.The main problem in cosmetic appearance correction is that the grafts are very large, so it should be minimized with simply decreasing their density. However, the repairing method must be customized since each hair transplant restoration has different and unique problems. And to restore the surgery successfully, a very qualified and skilled doctor is required the one who completely understands the limitations of donor reserves and uses them in the best way possible.

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