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Fue Mega Sessions hair transplant clinic Pakistan

The results of transplantation are now much better and improved, because of the refinement in this technology and technique. Normally, hair transplant has been done in multiple sessions and a single session contains plantation of 1500 to 3000 grafts and they’re spaced three to four months. And amount of sessions depends on the baldness of the patient’s scalp. The mega session transplant is the most up-to-date and modern method to achieve the growth of full hair in the shortest period and less sessions. In a single session, 4,500 to 5000 hair grafts can be transplanted. Mega sessions are provided with the both transplantation methods i-e FUE transplant and FUT transplant. Your choice of transplant depends on the quality and kind of your donor and bald area.

Completely bald people having Norwood Class 6 or 7 wish to have the maximum hair grafts transplanted in few surgeries, it is called mega sessions. Strip technique is the method in which surgeons remove hair follicles from the donor area as one group. To plant large number of grafts in a single session two requirements have to be present. The first is related to the high number of donor hair can be harvested in a single session; the second is related to the skill of a dedicated medical team to carry out the procedure efficiently. A session over 3000 is considered as mega session. The medical team should complete this surgery of transplanting 4000 to 5000 hair follicles grafts in less than 6 hours.

Megasession hair transplant

Mega sessions are possible only if the recipient sites are kept small and not only small, they should be very small. The hair grafts should also be kept in small size; maximum quantity of hair should fit into the smallest recipient sites. Benefit of keeping them small is that the wounds will also be small and scarring will also be small. Mega sessions also transplanted in a natural method or way and throughout your whole scalp and give you significant density of hair.

Combination of FUE with dense packing transplant provides patients unimagined results in a single surgery. To get good results of these sessions, a well-trained team of doctors is required. Mega sessions required exceptional capabilities with greater speed of surgeon.


Mega sessions have many advantages, some of them are:

  • Number of hair restoration surgeries reduces
  • Denser hair
  • Less scarring
  • Excellent and faster results
  • Recovery time is faster and quick
  • There’s no need for medication after mega session transplantation
  • Survival rates of grafts are high
  • Grafts can be placed closer

Very few doctors have the skills to carry out mega sessions well. The possibility of this session depends on these factors:

  1. Doctors and his team should be highly skilled.
  2. Maximum donor supply is necessary.
  3. The session should not be of more than 7 or 8 hours
  4. The surgeon should be highly qualified and he must know how much amount of anesthesia should be given to the patient.
  5. The scalp of the patient have adequate number of grafts and can be removed safely.
  6. Density must be high
  7. Implanter and dissector should be of high quality and their capabilities to perform well should be higher too.Like other transplant methods, regular activities after the mega session can be resumed the next day and you can resume your exercise within five days. New hair grows within starts in three months usually.


Fue –Follicular unit extraction is only method which can yield more than 5000 grafts in one or two days procedure and extensive baldness can be transplanted in this way. By this technique beard,chest,back,arms and body follicles are extracted and placed on scalp.

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