Is it possible to get Beard hair transplant in Pakistan?

September 30, 2016
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Is it possible to get Beard hair transplant in Pakistan?

Is it possible to get Beard hair transplant in Pakistan?

Hair transplantation is a process that help you to get rid of your baldness for forever. If you want to grow hair on beard, Fue is a latest technique which can be used for hair regowth. Getting treatment for more dense and thick hair on beard is increasing day by day in Pakistan. The use of facial and beard hair transplant is increasing day by day across the world. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is performing beard hair transplant in Pakistan for the last sixteen years on burn , accident and thin facial hair. The use of FUE method to increase the fullness and density of  beard hair is frequently performed procedure at his clinic in Pakistan. If you have facial scars then beard hair restoration method is best for you. Beard or eyebrows surgery should be done by a specialist. The result of beard hair surgery is highly depending on the skills of the surgeon. Therefore, you should be careful while selecting a surgeon for you. It is  almost same procedure as hair loss treatment for scalp and there are successful results in this treatment. Mostly, men use beard hair transplant procedure to get a charming beard.

Alopecia Barbae

Alopecia Barbae is a condition where hair loss occurred in the beard area. It is very specific form of hair loss and affects male beard area. Alopecia Areata is a condition where hair loss occurred all over the body. Alopecia Barbae is visible only in male as female have lower level of testosterone and this prevent facial hair in female especially in the beard area.

Patches of baldness or hair loss in the beard

Bald patches are very common in the beard area among male patients. These patches may be visible under the chin and sides of neck area. Sometimes these specific bald patches are present in the cheek and moustache. Most of the times these recover or occasionally skin specialist prescribe some ointment to apply. However some resistant cases may require beard hair transplant procedure.

Nature of Beard hair restoration procedure:

Before you decide to go for beard or facial hair restoration method, it is important for you to know that the procedure or method to regrow hair on beard is same as on scalp . Likely the surgeon will take out the hair follicles from the donor area and place it to the bald beard area.  There is only a small difference exist in both procedure , surgeon will use small incisions whereas in bald head  no incisions are use.

The growth of new hair is same as the facial hair:

If you are deciding to go for beard or facial treatment for hair regrowth and worry about the thickness and length of the hair then you should not worry about it because the hair of new growth is according to the facial hair. The head hair and the facial are both different so; the new hair will also grow according to the face hair pattern.

Painless procedure:

Just like head , beard surgery is also a painless procedure. You will not feel any pain. Therefore, you don’t have to create any fear on your mind. It is easy and quick procedure.

Reasons of having hair on Beard :

Mostly men decided to go for this procedure because of any surgical scar on their face due to which no hair growth is seen on that area. Beard hair transplant will help you to grow hair in the surgical scar area on the face. No doubt, men with beard are considered to be a complete and handsome guy. Therefore, men are very conscious about their beard so that they take decision to go for surgical treatment. If you want to enhance your personality with the perfect and fullness beard then you should go for beard hair transplant.

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