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Hair transplant surgery clinic in Pakistan is recognized for thick frontal hairline results and more number of grafts extraction from donor area via follicular unit extraction technique.  Many hair loss patients are getting hair transplant in Pakistan from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry due to his experience, reviews and testimonials of previously treated patients.It is beneficial and valuable to those suffering from androgenetic alopecia and male pattern baldness. Surgery is usually recommended by dermatologist when no other non surgical treatment is showing its effects. Some people prefer transplant surgery in early stages of baldness because they don’t want to waste money on other non surgical products. Surgical treatment lasts for the lifetime and transplanted follicles re grow same like natural . These surgeries are expensive as compared to other restoration treatments available.

Natural hair grows within follicles and each follicle consists of one to four hairs. During hair restoration surgery, these follicles are being transplanted from dense portion of scalp to recipient area. Like other cosmetic surgery, transplant surgery also needs much accuracy and preciseness. Any carelessness in over all procedures can lead to graft failure, visible scaring and unnatural growth of transplanted hair. Surgery can be performed by using two basic methods; follicular unit transplant (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). Both methods are almost the same, but the difference lies in harvesting follicles from scalp.

2503-grafts-fue-hair-transplant-surgery-clinic-pakistanIn both of surgical methods, surgeon advice patient to refrain from certain activities like drinking or smoking. Before performing the actual surgery, he discusses goals, expectations and results of transplantation. He gives local anesthesia to patients which can last up to seven hours so patient cannot feel any pain during surgery. Scalp is shampooed with antibacterial shampoo before surgery. In FUT, surgeon harvest follicular units in with the help of a strip from the back of scalp. This area is known as donor area and it should have good density. These follicles are separated by some skilled member of staff under a microscope. Surrounding fatty tissues are carefully removes and follicles are dissected to separate them from each other. A linear scar resulted from excised strip is stapled, strutted or stitched by the surgeon. Usually stainless steel staples are used to minimize the scarring. This surgical wound takes up to fourteen days to heal completely. The scars will be left back on the scalp for the rest of the life that can be concealed through cosmetic surgery or hair growth in that area. In FUE transplant surgery, especially deigned tiny punch is used to remove follicles individually. There is no visible scarring and wounds after this treatment. Hundreds of tiny white scars are present on scalp, but they are not visible.

How to implant grafts into recipient Area

In another step, micro blades or hollow needles are used to create sites on the area which needs transplant and also known as recipient area. Follicles are inserted into these tiny recipient’s sites in a proper predetermined direction. After surgery is performed by surgeon, he recommends some post operative care. Antibiotics and painkillers are also suggested to the patients. There is a great risk of losing grafts in first ten days of surgery. New hairs start re growing from follicles after three months of surgery.

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