Hair transplant success rate

Hair transplant success rate Pakistan

Many people, who are suffering from baldness at a younger age, want to opt for  hair transplant surgery. However, there are quite a few misconceptions regarding hair transplant surgery. One of the main reasons why people are skeptical about the hair restoration surgery is because they do not know whether it actually works or not. Today, we would eliminate this misconception by discussing with you regarding the success rate of the procedure.

Hair transplant success rate clinic – doctor dependent

Hair transplant success rate would be around 95% to 98%. That is, 95% to 98% of the hair follicles which are implanted would start growing. This ensures that you are able to get proper hair under the normal circumstances. Normally, the hair growth from the hair follicles would take at least one year. During this time period, the surgeon would be asking you to consult them periodically to better determine the percentage of hair follicles which are growing properly. This would provide the surgeon with a better idea whether the hair follicles would be able to grow or not.Ideally, when you’re looking into the hair transplant success rate, it is dependent on 2 factors. We would go into the details of both of these factors below in order to help you understand how you can get the best success rate when it comes to hair restoration surgery.

  1. Number of hair follicles available:

Ideally, in order to make the procedure success, the doctors need a lot of hair follicles. This is because the surgeons would not work with the success rate of 95% to 98%. That is why, if more hair follicles are present for transplant, the better would be the success rate.

  1. Skills of the surgeon:

The second factor on which outcome depends is the experience of the surgeon. Depending on the experience of the surgeon, the surgeon would be able to suggest you the proper type of surgery and the number of hair follicles which needs to be implanted. That is why, the experience of the surgeon plays a very important role.

So, under normal circumstances, you can expect a success rate of 95% to 98% when it comes to hair transplant surgery. However, the success rate can be increased further by considering 2 of the factors which we have mentioned above.