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Thinning of hair or hair loss in female patients can be restored through medicine or surgical procedure. It is important to diagnose cause of hair fall in female patients and at later stages hair loss treatment accordingly. Our clinic has a lot of options regarding hair loss treatment in Pakistan for female as well as male patients. Hair loss in women has different causes than in men. Same is true with  hair restoration methods are also different. Many options good for men in hair loss treatments may not work for women.

Female hair loss treatment Pakistan

Hair loss is a condition that can damage a person’s appearance as well as their spirit. Lack of confidence and lower self esteem are some of the issues that spring from hair loss. The person suffering from this often becomes aloof and under confident. This is a big personal change which must be corrected at the right time so that least damage is caused. The average number of hair lost on a daily basis is around 100 strands. In case a person loses more than this, she must take notice and consult a good dermatologist. The dermatologist can find out the cause of this condition and this must be uprooted before getting any hair restoration treatment. The patient must read up a bit about the various hair restoration methods.

Female pattern hair loss

The female pattern of baldness is very different than the male pattern as women lose hair all over the head and not in particular areas. This way their hair growth appears thinned and gaps appear all over the scalp. This kind of hair loss requires special attention and the surgeon or technician chosen must be skilled in order to give a neat finish. The FUE  hair transplant works extremely well for women. It has been believed by many that the hair transplant surgery is not successful for women. However, it has been observed that the best results in female pattern of baldness can be seen through hair transplantation. The individual hair follicles extracted are planted between hair gaps and this provides a full coverage to the thinning areas. The patient does not have to live days of unpleasant appearance which is a common thing if the patient uses non surgical treatments such as application of lotions and oils. Similarly, there are no long term side effects or a long recovery period which might hinder a person’s lifestyle. The hair restoration methods for women other than hair surgery can be the laser treatment. This procedure is extremely successful however; it is a slow procedure and might require many sessions with the technician. For all hair restoration treatments, the person chosen to execute it must be undoubtedly skilled and experienced. This is essential as it is the skill and expertise of the technician or surgeon that brings out the best results. Women often seek medical aid when their baldness has worsened to an extent that hair gaps are visible even from a distance. We always suggest patients to consult a dermatologist as soon as they notice that their hair loss has increased. The hair loss for a normal adult is around 100 strands per day. Any more than this can cause baldness to worsen. The individual must look for a method of restoration which addresses the cause of hair loss and this can ensure that further hair loss is not seen. However, in case a person wants to get hair surgery done, there is an assurance that it will suit him or her. In women, the hormonal changes as well as gland functions can cause hair loss and these causes must be corrected as it may result in something much more than hair loss. Many times hair loss is an indication of a serious condition and patients tend to ignore it. Women suffering from hair loss must refer a good doctor before the start of treatment.

Hair loss and restoration in women is easy while many people understand that it is a tough procedure. The female hair loss pattern is very different and there are few options of restoration which might not work on them. However, the hair transplant surgery is the best option.

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