Hair Growth Treatment Pakistan

Hair Growth treatment clinic in Pakistan

Hair transplantation is a medical treatment of restoring hair. It is a complete surgical process in which a strip of narrow hair is removing from the back of the head and fixes it in a place of the thin and bald area. You need to consult with the expert surgeon to go with the decision of hair transplant.

 Hair transplantation Methods

As we discuss above that this process of restoring hair is tricky and need to be done carefully. When you take a decision to go with hair transplant treatment then you should know about the whole procedure completely so that you can make yourself mentally prepared for it.

•    First of all, the surgeon cleans up your scalp then, the anesthetic is injected to a patient to make the area of numb from where 3 to 4 inches scalp strip will be removed.

•    Then the surgeon divides the removed strip of scalp into 500 to 2000 tiny and small grafts approximately, which contain the hair of each individual hair.

•    When the grafts is ready and fully prepared the surgeon numb and cleans the area where the hair will be placed by creating small holes with the help of the needle and place each graft one by one in each hole delicately.

•    This procedure hardly takes four to eight hours. After one session, if you still suffer from hair fall then you have to take one more session to stop hair fall permanently.


It is 70% chance of hair regrowth after the hair transplantation treatment.  After the treatment, it may be possible that your scalp becomes harsh or tender. Therefore, you may need to take medication painkiller for few days.  You have to wear a surgical dress on your scalp for more than one day. After 5 to 6 days of surgery, you can get back to your normal routine life.

The transplanted hair will start falling after the two or three weeks of surgery, but the growth of new hair takes some time to start so, take some patience and wait for at least more than a month.  Some of the surgeons also recommended hair growing medicines to a patient after a hair transplantation treatment such as Rogaine or monoxide.

Hair growth treatment cost in Pakistan

The cost of hair transplantation will totally depend on the amount of hair, you need to be transplanted, but generally it starts from $4000 to $16000 respectively.