Fue -2500 grafts-Result

Fue 2500 grafts hair transplant results-Pakistan

Fue hair transplant results in Pakistan are comparable to any best hair restoration clinic in the developed countries.  Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has 17 years hair loss treatment and hair restoration surgery experience and qualified from Paris France. He is well known for his dense pack frontal hairline results, giving it natural and un-detectable. All hair restoration procedures are performed through Fue –follicular unit extraction technique at his clinic in Lahore.  Whether Fue results are comparable with FUT or strip hair restoration surgery? It depends upon experience, training, dedication and continuously improvement in the field of Follicular unit extraction technique.


How much area can be covered with 2500 grafts?

How much area will be covered by planting 2500 grafts? We can cover frontal zones 1,2 and 3 with these 2500 grafts. Similarly if someone has crown or Vertex area then we can cover with these 2500 grafts. These twenty five hundred grafts will give reasonable good density. However for more hair loss or bald area more number of grafts may be required.

Best Fue hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan –Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry

Dr.Ahmad chaudhry is a best fue hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan and he will never force or convince you for strip or FUT procedure. It is a routine matter to extract 2500 to 3500 grafts through follicular unit extraction in a single day. However it is requirement of patient to cover more area, he usually extract from beard, body, chest and abdomen hair as well.

How much time duration required for 2500 grafts by FUE method?

An average extraction of 2500 grafts via follicular unit extraction procedure takes 1.5 to 2 hours .Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and his expert team places these grafts in 2-3 hours so total five to six hours duration is required to place 2500 grafts in this technique.

Fue hair transplant success rate is doctor dependent?

Fue hair transplant success rate is around 97% if performed by an expert surgeon and grafts placement by an experienced team.  It is very meticulous nature procedure and every step needs care and attention.  Yes its results are totally doctor dependent and one major reason why doctors try to convince you for strip procedure. Such doctors do not have enough training, practice and learning so they try to avoid this procedure. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry will always encourage stitches and linear incision free procedure (follicular unit extraction). You can see 2500 Fue hair transplant results in Pakistan performed at his clinic.