Frontal Hairline Restoration

Frontal hairline restoration clinic Pakistan

Hair transplantation procedure is the most effective and easiest way to get rid of male and female pattern baldness on permanent basis. It is highly recommended to go for hair regrowth procedure, if you tried a lot of herbal or medical treatment to stop hair fall but didn’t get any positive results then the hair restoration procedure is best for you. Before, you take the decision to go for surgical procedure; you should consult with your doctor or surgeon properly. The most complicated and important part of frontal hairline restoration is to create a natural looking hairline. You need to hire creative and artist skills surgeon to get a natural and perfect hairline.

Important steps for frontal hairline restoration:

As we discuss that frontal restoration is the most important, visible and complicated part of the  procedure. Therefore, the surgeon should draw a rough sketch first so that it can get an idea about the design of the hairline. It is very important to draw it very carefully. There are some important steps for frontal hair restoration that surgeon should take into consideration before starting the procedure. The hairline should look like a natural hairline and should be perfectly located in a perfect place and should be in an appropriate shape.

FUE technique for frontal hairline restoration:

As you know that, FUE technique is the best technique of baldness treatment. It is also very useful for the frontal hairline restoration. Most of the surgeon recommended patients to go for FUE technique because it shows better and positive results as compared to other techniques. In this technique, the surgeon, first of all, takes out the hair follicles from the back of the head and then makes the small holes with the help of needle on the bald area around the head and fixes those hair follicles in the bald area of the head. It is simple and 7 to 8 hours procedure. You will no need to take any precautions or care after the procedure. You can come into your normal routine, just after this hair loss treatment. The surgeon may recommend you to use hair grow spray after the procedure. You can use it if it is recommended by the surgeon to you otherwise no need to use hair spray or medicines for hair growth.

Cost for frontal hairline restoration:

As you know, if you hire an experienced and professional surgeon for the hair loss treatment or procedure then it will cost you high but on the other hand, you will also get 100 percent positive and natural results. Therefore, you should try to hire a good surgeon for your procedure. If we make roughly estimation then it will cost $2000 to &3000 for 3000 to 6000 grafts. It may be possible that you will not need to implant 3000 to 6000 grafts so that it may be less than the estimation. Well, if you want better results then you have to spend the reasonable amount of money for it.

Ideal density for front hairline

Young patients need more thickness and heavy look as compare to older patients. It is important to discuss realistic expectation and explain to patient regarding treatment.  We can achieve 35 to 65 grafts per square centimeter for reasonable density.