Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant (FUE) is a new technique of transplantation that has almost made it possible to hide the scars that has been a problem earlier. The follicular units are grafted in 2 or 3 steps. However, the method of transplantation is the similar as used earlier. The Previous FUE technique had limitation. To overcome a few of these important limitations the surgeons have worked really hard. They are now able to graft at least two to three thousand every day. No doubt you are to be trained for this. Follicular unit extraction hair transplant is a best choice for hair loss patients due to mild discomfort and less visible scars in the donor area.

Follicular unit extraction vs follicular unit transplantation

Sir Orentreich was the first one to introduce modern fue technique during the year 1950. The concept of grafting, mini and micro grafting was introduced. In 1990s, the new technique called the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) took place which proved to be a success. Initially, there was a technique called the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) that was used for the transplantation of the hair. In this a single strip of follicular units was harvested which left a linear scar to the donor. Though the scar was a very fine one but there were problem for people who went through this kind of surgery. Especially the ones who wanted to keep their hair short. Then hair restoration doctors developed FOX, a kind of procedure in which the procedure was carried out without harvesting a strip. Another name for FUE is FOX or it is called FUSE(Follicular Unit Separation Extraction). Below photo is showing follicular unit extraction hair transplant in Pakistan performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry – healing and recovery after 2 weeks.

FUT or strip hair transplant is visible in below photo while Fue did not leave any linear scar. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is offering donor area scar repair at his clinic in Lahore. 

How does Follicular unit extraction hair transplant work?

In FUE, the construction of complete follicular accumulation is based on the assumption that the breadth of arrector muscle to the follicular grouping is the tightest zone. Once this is fabricated apart and afar from the surrounding dermis, the inferior articulation can be extracted easily. Because the follicular grouping is narrowest at the surface, the surgeon uses micro punches measuring 0.6–0.8 mm. This is why we are not able to see the tiny scars. The anatomical limitation of this sort of technique is that the identification of a large number of hair from outside is not possible therefore, the procedure is said to be blind. There can be a higher transaction rate as the hair diverge in different directions especially with undamaged unit splay at the lower end. Experience has improved the speed of the specialist dealing in hair restoration and the transection rate has also become better along with the hand eye management. There are a few conditions that are likely to occur and one need to take care of them. The first and foremost thing is that the surgeon must be an experienced man and had been trained to do this. He should be capable of excellent lighting. The surgeon needs to have adequate magnification and so do the staff. The surgeon needs to be aware of the angle of hair that is under the surface of the skin. He needs to be aware of the angle of follicle in the dermis. The punch size needs to be really minute that is up to 0.6 or 0.1 in diameter. This size is the perfect size to cover the thickness of the follicular unit. All these precautions taken for operating also help make the scar minute in size. A few of the surgeons have now started using punches of even less than 0.6mm. The surgeon’s hands need to be stable. They need to move in the anti- clockwise direction if he is operating with the right hand. In some of the surgeries in which the FUE technique is used, there is more back and forth movement which will not make the surgery a success. Surgeon should keep in mind 360 degrees rotation of the punch is not preferable. The surgeon use only the punches that are sharp while dealing with a two-step technique. Whereas dealing with a three step technique requires using blunt punches, this decreases the rate of follicular extraction.

Who should get Follicular unit extraction hair transplant procedure?

However, FUE is not suitable to all the patients because the tightness with which the follicular units are seized in the dermis is believed to be different. If the surgeon applies the FOX technique, he may extract about 100 grafts. The surgeon should use the FUE technique if the extraction is easy and the whole of the units are extracted. If this is not possible, then the surgeon needs to move on with another technique. Since the complete steps involved in the grafting of hair takes time, to ease this process (FOX ) , it is classified into five grades. In grade 1, the follicular units pop out of the scalp and there is frequent transection of hair in the unit. In grade 2, extraction in the first session is easy but yielding can be problematic because the donor’s area is scarred. Ingrade 3, emergent angle is difficult. In grade 4 and 5, to find out about the emergent angle is really difficult and therefore, the yielding is too low for the FUE procedure and so the chances of its success are few. FUE in this situation isn’t applied. It was noticed that 74% patients were Fox 1, 2 or 3. The surgeon can move ahead with FUE technique if the patients are FOX 1, 2 or 3 positive.

Fue hair transplant procedure indications

 There are a few indications that lead to opt for hair transplanted using FUE. The first one is that if you want to keep your hair short, then you can easily go for the FUE. Besides this the machine used for FUE is automated which means that it is a great help for the doctors in hair restoration and has a faster extraction rate. But the twisting and pulling of grafts can damage the grafts easily. It requires a little man power and causes very less pain that you need to go through. Very less equipment is needed and less competency is required for this FUE. All the discussed factors are important and help to make the procedure fast. Thus FUE is a better option for the hair restoration preferred by the generation of today. Fue or Follicular unit extraction hair transplant in Pakistan is affordable and low cost without compromising quality and results.