Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant clinic Pakistan

Body hair transplant in Pakistan is successfully performed by extracting hair from chest, beard and other body parts and transplantation to scalp or head.Baldness is a global cosmetic condition for many people these days and people are getting body hair transplant from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in Pakistan due to his expertise and low cost. In complete baldness, people opt for hair transplant. Baldness can be due to many reasons like stress, pregnancy, cancer and genetic problem. Body to head transplantation surgery is the method that needs the practice of modern FUE. This process has started gaining attention in early 2000. Hairs from the head are used for the process of transplantation generally, but some patients do not have enough hair on the scalp to achieve the results.  Then, to achieve the desired result, the hairs from the body can be extracted. They can be taken from the patient’s arms, his back, his legs or even chest. Due to body hairs, better hair thickness can be achieved. They are extracted by the FUE technique and leave no scars.

Body hair transplant Pakistan

Body hair transplant Advantages

  • The body to head transplant has many advantages. For the patients who suffer from severe baldness, it’s impractical to achieve 100 % results without having enough donor hair to fill up the bald patches on the scalp.
  • It provides you a large donor area.
  • A doctor can select different types of hairs for giving his patients better results.
  • Combining the hairs from the body and head’s donor areas may increase the density of new growing hair on your head. And it gives details to the newly constructed hairline.
  • Beard hairs are single hair strands and also, they grow well on the scalp.
    • Swelling of the recipient site.
    • Body hair cannot grow too long.
    • Expensive
    • Body hairs have different nature than head’s hair. It can create problems.
    • Very time consuming
    • This transplant requires special instruments
    • Unpredictable results.

Body hair transplant Disadvantages

BHT is time consuming and special instruments are needed to perform this method and performed under the general anesthesia and light sedation. After injecting the anesthesia in the patient’s scalp, the surgeon will implant strips of skin from the donor areas of the body (chest, armpits or legs etc). The surgeon uses the magnifying glass to enlarge the picture, and then single hair strands are taken from these sites and put into containers to prevent them from any damage.  After that, the doctor slices the pieces into smaller ones and punctures the recipient sites with the help of needles.The hair of the donor site must be 3 mm long. To collect the hair follicles from body parts, a special needle of diameter 0, 75 millimeter is used. After the completion of this method, the sites are bandaged to avoid any damage or infection.  Shampooing is not allowed for two days and medicines are given for sleep sometimes. The donor site usually heals within 6 days.  New hair grows within three months and you can resume your routine within a week.

Body hair transplant cost in Pakistan

Body follicles extraction procedure

However, body to hair transplant requires extra care and only some expert can carry out this procedure well. Consult the doctor before going through this surgery and discuss the sessions and other things before. Your choice of technique highly depends upon the amount of grafts (to be transplanted),  the texture of your body and head hair, Budget, Hair density, your type of hair loss and many more. This procedure is expensive than other transplants and is not considerable if you have enough donor area on the scalp. However, BHT or body hair transplant  is cheaper in Pakistan  than UK or England.

Body Hair Extraction

3000 Follicles extraction by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry