Best Hair Transplant Method

Best hair transplant method in the world

Best hair transplant method in the world is follicular unit extraction due to less pain and maximum area coverage. Hair restoration surgeon can take donor hair from scalp, beard, chest, abdomen and back as well. Among the alternatives that exist to the problem of baldness, the only really effective and permanent method is the Fue hair transplant. In recent decades, millions of patients around the world have found the ultimate solution to hair loss in hair transplantation due to advances in research, state- of-the-art instruments and the discovery of new techniques such as the FUE  which offers full hair restoration. At present, follicular micro transplantation has evolved into a surgical procedure that, although very sophisticated, can be performed safely and successfully in outpatient medical facilities with excellent results.

Best hair transplant method in the world

A new method for hair loss treatment promises to have a greater percentage of effectiveness in the fight against baldness. It is a process of hair grafting known as FUE, which is also cheaper than the natural implant. Hair loss affects 30 percent of the world’s population and 90 percent of men are male. However, many women have approached the specialists to know this treatment, which among other advantages offers an outpatient surgery without pain.

The distinctive hair transplant facilities utilize diverse strategies and innovation. These are  done by the best hair transplant doctors. Consider that it is in light of a legitimate concern for both expanding hair development and guaranteeing a characteristic appearance and limiting harm to the scalp. Any transplant surgery will create scars yet a decent specialist can persuade them to be negligible and, most importantly, undetectable.

Although a fixed rule cannot be established, since each patient is a world, it is now widely believed that the FUE technique is considered to be the best hair transplant method in the world available, despite being more laborious to perform. Personally, we are also inclined by the FUE technique, because it does not leave scars, the recovery time is shorter; there are few postoperative discomforts, etc.

Best hair transplant method in the world Cost

Best hair transplant method in the world cost at our clinic is 100 Rs per graft. It is sure this method will give you outstanding results. The best method is Micro fue procedure as it does not give visible donor scar and good density in the recipient area.

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