Before Hair Transplant

Before Hair Transplant

Hair Transplants are a great way to boost your confidence and also helps you to look younger and good. But to get a quality transplant done,there are some requirements to fulfill, so here is a list of the things you should consider before a transplant.

1.  Find out the root cause of your alopecia:

Most of the people look for the treatment without knowing the exact cause of their hair loss. So here is the requirement no 1! Don’t consider any treatment without the doctor’s recommendation! Alopecia happens due to many reasons including stress and pregnancy, one should not go for the transplant before knowing the stage and kind of your alopecia.

2.  Some other factors to consider:

You should know if you’re the candidate for a surgery before going through it and you’ll be asked by your doctor these questions or precautions, so be prepared  for them, these are:

  • You should have the male or female pattern hair loss problem (genetic problem)
  • You must be from 20 to 50 years old.
  • You should avoid drinking and smoking before some days of surgery.
  • Allergies must be informed to your doctor before going through the surgery.

3.  Select the type of surgery:

Select between FUE and FUT transplants, discuss this with your doctor too. FUE is a enhanced and modern method than FUT. In FUT transplant the whole narrow strip containing hair strands is cut down and then transplanted into the balding areas of your skin. This leaves a linear scar. FUE causes less pain and doesn’t leave any scar also, in this type, hair follicles are being cut individually.This process is costlier though.

4. Skin and hair color:

You  should know your hair type because light colored hair gives better results than dark colored hair.

5. Price

Hair surgery requires a lot of money you should keep in mind this too. However, keep your preference the quality and not cost. Because success rates are far more important than money and for a transplant, one should not compromise over quality. Find a quality clinic with the help of internet and choose the one that best suits your needs.

6. Find the best team:

Find a capable doctor and team, before the surgery, pay a visit to their clinic to see how they work. Ask them to show you the transplantation pictures

7. Possible risks:

Ask your doctor about the risks and dangers before going through the surgery. Other  that, remember these things:

  • A transplant takes more than one operation to complete. So be prepared.
  • This transplant will be permanent and will not remove so take your decision wisely.
  • You’ll have small permanent wounds that will stick with you throughout the whole life.

8. After the surgery:

After transplantation yo may expect these things:

  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Discomfort
  • You’ll have to wear bandage to cover your scalp.
  • Allergic reactions
  • Bleeding

9.     After care:

After your transplant, you have to avoid these things

  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Exercise
  • It takes nine months to regrow hair and transplanted hair fall out after two months.
  • Be guided by your surgeon and follow all the instructions.
  • Avoid exercises and other activities that can increase your blood pressure. Avoid sex for fifteen days.
  • Report bleeding or severe problem to your doctor immediately.

10. Alteratives:

If you are not going through any severe alopecia disease, then you should try these mediciness:

  • Minoxdil
  • Propecia