Advantages Fue Transplant

 Fue Transplant Advantages

Follicular unit extraction is  a modern method and a popular procedure in Pakistan. During this surgery, an individual follicle is removed from the back of the scalp with the help of small round punch. These groupings of hair are transplanted into the balding areas of patients. FUE is a cosmetic treatment involving the own hairs being transplanted and this happens without the  usual drawbacks such as ugly scars or long recovery periods.

Difference between FUE and FUT method:

FUE and FUT transplant are not completely different from each other still people prefer FUE on FUT method. FUE method is actually is a sub FUT method and only the dissection method is different whereas the process of planting hair follicle unit into the recipient area is the same.

How the scar is avoided?

FUE transplant was introduced basically to treat the donor scarring that widens with the time. Strip transplant produces a linear scar that sometimes can be wider so to provide improved better results FUE was presented that extracts single hair follicles individually and with a micro punch and hence the linear scar is avoided.The results produced by today’s FUE hair transplantation and Strip Procedures are very natural and dense in the hands of expert hair restoration physicians.  There are some misconceptions about this method however, in reality, this transplant has many advantages.

Advantages of FUE Transplant:

·        Natural results:

In FUT method, a strip of hair is removed and the scar is closed with staple technique and in FUE transplant tissues are removed with the punches,  and produce more natural-looking results.

The development in microsurgery has made it possible to provide you people with more natural results and without any complications.

·        Choice of grafts:

It allows the surgeons to choose follicular units of their own choice this process provides the opportunity to identify, separate and  select finer hair follicle units and give good results.

Increased donor area

Follicular unit extraction allows the removal of hair grafts fro a wide area of the scalp and also for the body. This includes the extraction from several areas of the scalp, chest area, arms, legs and beard etc.

Extraction of hair from the other parts of the body are known as a Body Hair Transplant. BHT is a useful technique and increases the number of hair strands and density.

Some other uses are below:

  • After the strip is removed, doctors trim the strip into individual single follicle grafts. Only skilled surgeons can carry-out this process well.
  • It does not leave any linear scar.
  • Healing time reduces
  • Best for the people who want to keep their hair short (<1 centimeter)
  • Ideal method for the repair of old transplants
  • It is the best option if your scalp is tight.
  • Spreads the size of donor area
  • FUE method leads of a quick recovery and it creates less pain.
  • This method is also an option for small cases like eyebrow transplant.
  • FUE is also the best procedure for the people who are suffering from the initial stages of hair loss and need only small grafts in a small area.

Despite all these uses and advantages, not all the patients can go for this type of transplantation without consulting the doctor first, the process of harvesting the follicles can damage your bald sin,however improved techniques have minimized this harm too.