Advance hair transplant technique

Most advances hair transplant technique in Pakistan

Are you looking for most advance hair transplant technique in Pakistan to treat male pattern baldness? Yes? Continue reading! We have the best hair restoration services. The fact is that the Alopecia comes down in different categories but the worst of all is advance level baldness at young age. In today’s era or statistics shows that due to hurdles people face in this globally socio economic environment is due to the baldness, many people come across this out raging fact, not only now but in earlier times too. But, earlier there was no cure and remedy for such things.

Multiple methods came into being and were popularly used by many entities but with the passage of time and advancement of technologies coming forth, the follicular unit extraction came into being. FUE symbolizes the follicular unit extraction, in this method around the donor’s hair, small roundish incisions are made, the good hair is extracted from anywhere around the body including eyebrows, back, neck, chin, beard etc.

This is indeed less invasive method, but not as the follicular unit transplantation. The best thing about this method is a cheap hair transplant in Lahore offered at our clinic. Also, it does not tend or leaves any scar or mark in future, and the patient is content with it. This technique has less discomfort, pain and results are good.

The process basically includes the removal of healthy hairs follicles and transforming them into the bald areas of the head. Some times PRP hair loss treatment is combined with fue hair transplant procedure at our clinic in Lahore for quick recovery. The whole procedure takes 4-5 hours depending upon the baldness level and the redness which occurs from implantation of healthy follicles also subsides with the passage of time.