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Hair transplant in Pakistan via Follicular unit Extraction Method

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry’s hair transplant clinic in Pakistan where all techniques of hair loss treatment available and performed by expert and experienced hands. Dr.Ahmad is an expert  and performing all techniques of hair transplantation in Pakistan as well as abroad. Whether you choose Fue or FUT, you will get excellent result after few months. The basic technique is same all over the world; follicles are removed from donor area and implanted into bald or recipient area. There are two popular techniques to get growth back through surgical replacement. One technique is called FUT, it is an old and conventional hair restoration technique where donor area is removed in the form of strip and stitches are applied through Tricphytic Closure. It is latest development in strip procedure where stitches are placed in such a way that there would be minimal linear scar.

Second procedure or technique is called Fue –Follicular unit extraction. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has started Fue hair transplant in Pakistan many years before and successfully performing it and placing 2000 to 4000 follicles in single session. Getting Fue in Pakistan is very easy. When you have decided for treatment, call our clinic where our professional staff will provide you detailed information and appointment for consultation. It is best opportunity to discuss all your questions related to your baldness. You may ask whether Fue or FUT procedure is good for you. Possible side effects of the procedure? Which method is painful? What are possible side effects and complication of both FUE /FUT procedures? The most important how much does hair transplant cost in Pakistan?  Hair restoration cost in Pakistan is based on number of follicles or grafts. Those who have less baldness or Norwood class 1, 2 and 3 need 1000 to 1500 grafts and their cost will be less as compared to advance level of baldness.  However Dr.Chaudhry welcomes all those patients who need mini or mega, Giga session.

PRP hair treatment is a best hair fall solution we offer at our clinic in Lahore. Our hair restoration specialist will guide you how to stop hair fall by examining your scalp.  The major concern after hair restoration surgery is how to stop hair loss in future. We will recommend you best hair fall prevention products.  We have hair loss treatment for men and women based on scalp hair analysis.

Fue hair transplant in Pakistan

Commonly asked questions before hair transplant in Pakistan 

I fully understand the procedural difference between (1) FUE (2) Strip harvesting; with respect to cost, pain, operation time, look, recovery time, number of grafts, strip of scalp removal, individual follicular removal.

(1) Which technique you would suggest for me and why? 

     We suggest you Fue  technique due to following reasons.

A-     No cutting, No incisions and No stitches — it means you will not have numbness after fue and there will be no linear scar in the donor area

B-      All developed countries already headed towards least invasive or minimal invasive technique so that there would be less trauma and numbness and exposure to infections.

C-      Fue can give 2000, 3000 ,4000 and 5000 follicles in one,two or three days which is not possible in strip procedure.

(2) How many sessions will be enough for my head? 

How many sessions required depends upon your area of baldness or recipient area. We can transplant 2000-2500 grafts in one session and these will be enough to cover frontal or back area.

 (3) How many grafts are required for my head to be fully covered with hair?

How many grafts required, it is only possible after seeing your close up photos or you can evaluate yourself by visiting graft calculator and putting density 45  http://www.cosmoder.com/calculator.php

(4) How many maximum grafts you can transplant in one single session? 

We can transplant 4000 to 5000 grafts in 2 days and each day 4-5 hours procedure by Fue technology.

(5) What will be the approximate total cost including medicine, operation, bed charges, registration, sessions etc?   

Fue hair transplant in Pakistan

OFFER is Valid till 27th March 2015

Your stay in hospital will be 5 hours only for 2000 to 2500 grafts and if you need more than 2500 grafts , next day you will come from nearby hotel room to our clinic for second day procedure.We charge 1.00 $ for 1.00 Fue graft. This will include medicine, operation fee, registration,staff fee and taxes. However hotel stay we can arrange or suggest you nearby hotels and you have to pay from your pocket extra. We do  not have rooms to stay in the clinic. We assure you high standard and best result of Fue hair transplant in Pakistan at our clinic.

Video Testimonial of our international patients from USA and Germany. 

Mr. Bob travelled from USA as hair transplant in USA is priced three times more than Pakistan so he decided to get his hair restoration in Pakistan by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry Via Fue -follicular unit extraction method. Click and listen Video testimonial of Fue hair transplant in Pakistan, results  and cost analysis.

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 One of our patient traveled from Germany for follicular unit extraction -Fue procedure to restore his frontal hairline naturally. Click and listen video testimonial from our patient.
 For appointment call +923334309999 or write us hairtransplanttt@gmail.com

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